Severe Allergies? 
Let us help you protect your home from mold, bacteria, and allergens. Reduce your families risk to outside elements. Click on the link below for more details:
UV devices can produce an Advanced Oxidation Field that destroys microorganisms in the air by over 99%, also destroying contaminants on surfaces! 
 For more info on the importance of clean air check out these government sites:

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Preventative Maintenance Agreement Only $119.95!
Our PMA entitles you to receive a system check up twice a year by a certified HVAC technician. In the spring we will check your AC system, and your heating system in the fall. Ensuring your system is in good working condition, benefiting your electric bill and the longevity of your system. Our PMA also entitles you to a discount on existing parts. (Gold Plan $279.95 and Platinum Plan $489.95)

Early Bird Check Ups For A/C or Heating Only $69.95!
This special is offered March for A/C check and October for heat check. 
Call our office at 210-682-2619, to set up an appointment that fits your schedule. 
Service Calls $79.95
We provide service and repairs on most models of air conditioning and heating systems. We want you and your family living in comfort. Our technician will diagnose and repair all issues at a competitive price on parts and labor.
We install most models of air conditioning and heating systems. We evaluate your home and assist you in selecting the correct size system for your needs. 
For indoor air quality, we can install a UV lighting air filter system; which sanitizes hot or cold air in the system.This is perfect for households that suffer from allergies. 

Warranty Companies and Service Plans
Most residential service plans and home warranties recognize Adams Air Care as an authorized and preferred HVAC contractor (Fidelity, American Home Shield, and Old Republic, to name a few). Many San Antonio Realtors rely on us for home and business inspections. We have spent the past two decades building an impeccable reputation throughout Texas of integrity and professionalism.

Your family's comfort is important to us.    

     (Prices reflect the cost of one (1) unit, call for prices for additional units)
Call today for prompt service 210-682-2619
Having your system checked twice a year is vital in prolonging the life of your HVAC system. Leaks, build up, dirty coils and a variety of other things can hinder your systems productivity, and if not taken care of can lead to costly repairs. 
PMA customers receive a discount on service calls and labor.