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R-22 EPA Phaseout
As of January 1, 2020, R-22 will no longer be imported or produced.

In 2010, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), began phasing out R-22 refrigerant, because of harmful effects R-22 has on our environment. Limiting supply and increasing cost. 

** R-22 will become more expensive and obsolete.
** R-22 can only be recaptured, recycled and reused. 
** If you have an R-22 system, only parts can be replaced. 

​Adams Air Care wants your family to live in comfort and will do our best to facilitate your R-22 system.

**    The existing R-22 can be recovered (“which involves     extracting and cleaning it for reuse without meeting the     requirements for reclamation. This recovered, recycled     refrigerant may only be recharged into equipment belonging     to the owner of the equipment from which the refrigerant was     recovered”, EPA website) and reused in your system
**    Modifications can be made to your system, and replacing     all the R-22 with the EPA-approved refrigerant R422B.
**    Replacing your R-22 system with an energy efficient
    R-410A system. 

For more information regarding the R-22 phase out, please visit www.epa.gov/ods-phaseout.